Emily Redhands
Crimeedge op 28
Emirī Reddohanzu
Age around 10
Gender Female Female
Killing Goods
Killing Goods The Fresh Blood-Dismantling Opener
Japanese Rina Hidaka

 Emily Redhands (エミリー・レッドハンズ Emirī Reddohanzu?) is one of the secondary main character from Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, along with the anime adaptation.


Emily has quite a sadistcic personality due to being an Author and having quite a different upbringing .Iwai mentions that if she put down all of her weapons she could be quite a sweet little girl . In the anime and the manga she is shown to be extremely protective of Iwai although she is a ruthless killer she fears Kiri as he did very horrible things to her .




= BackgroundEdit



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Lady Violet

She seems to be on good terms with Lady Violet as it was shown when they were in the hotel talking about her father despite Lady's Violet's calm and serious demeanor


Emily is a name given by Iwai's father as he found her. Redhands might be a reference to her red gloves.


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