Mezashite Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - 01 grayland3
Norma Grayland



'Nōma Gureirando)


Underground Nightmare (地下室の悪夢 ― Chikashitsu no Akumu)


Male Male

Professional Status

Made-to-Order, Serial killer

Personal Status

Kiri Haimura


The Cutting and Severing Crime Edge

Anime Debut

Episode 01 (flashback

Norma Grayland is Kiri Haimura's ancestor, and faced off against 1 of the 3 Made-to-Order's in season 1 (currently the only season)  of The Cutting and Severing Crime Edge.


He was the most brutal killer of The 1860's. He used just a pair of scissors as a weapon. After slaying so many innocent victims, the scissors became cursed. Norma Grayland took his live victims into his operating room where he used his scissors to dismember them. Mainly, with women he removed the breastplate before cutting the skin around the face. Male victims usually had a more gruesom end: they would be tied down and have each arm and leg removed before ultimately slitting the throat and causing his victim to choke on their own blood.  The victims of these gruesome acts of murder ranged from children to the elderly and numbered over 200; earning Grayland's reputation as the worst serial killer ever. His murders resulted in the end of his home village. Everyone who was cataloged in the incident mysteriously were missing, along with all the people who had testified against him. Because of this, all of the documentation of Mr. Grayland and his murders had been nearly erradicated. Norma Grayland, the most gruesome killer ever born has not truly met his end. His heart and soul live on in a pair of scissors (Crime Edge, the "weapon" of the protagonist)


A strong man with a big beard and wearing worn-out clothes.




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