The Injection of Eternal Sleep
Konsui Shōten no Injekushon
Crimeedge op 17
Form Syringe
Main Ability Killing people with small dose.
Made-to-Order Byōinzaka twins' ancestor (unnamed)
Current Author Yamane Byōinzaka
First Appearance
Anime The Portrait of Heresy
The Injection of Eternal Sleep (昏睡昇天のインジェクション Konsui Shōten no Injekushon?, lit. The Injection of Coma Ascension) is a Killing Goods possessed by Yamane Byōinzaka. The original author of this killing good was "The Wicked Angel" Florence Nightingale.


It's a syringe used by Yamane's ancestor, a medical personnel who cured many people in the army  and makes poisons for enemies, however, her ancestor only killed people she deemed unworthy, and then cursed her injection. Then, the syringe was cursed and is now in the possession of Yamane.


Abilities Edit

  • Therapeutic Success
  • Drug Enhancement- The effectiveness of a drug injected with the good is increased a dozen fold.


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